Monday, February 28, 2011

Right now, what is on your mind?

Well, for was the conclusion of the 83rd Oscar Awards night and I've noted several movies to watch throughout the year. I seldom go the cinemas these days but that doesn't mean I wouldn't go at all. I do for movies that I think are worth watching on the big screen. Such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Movies, Inception,  Star Trek (2009), Sanctum, Tangled,  I Am Number Four, 127 Hours and many others.

Why? It was simply because people can't seem to get themselves detached from their cell phones these days. They're practically joined to the hip with their high-end phones. It's annoying where we have already suspended our realities only to be drawn crashing back in the middle of the movie because you hear an intrusive ring tone and a backlight that rivaled the intensity of the EXIT signs.  *Tsk*  Simple courtesy, is it hard to ask these days? Vibrate that phone and lower the back-light, you can seriously have a back wash of images after staring at the little monitor even for a few minutes. 

Anyway, here's too all who were all nominated. Whether getting a coveted title or not, everyone won.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord

Continuing to seek guidance and strength from our Everlasting Lord. Have a peaceful Saturday.Visit Amy at Signs, Miracles, Wonders and learn more about Then Sings My Soul Saturdays and hear the song choices of other bloggers. ☺

Friday, February 25, 2011

Taking “Chore” out of the House chores

Love not to like… Chores
Meta-description: Gearing for a face-off with those house chores and you don’t want to feel defeat or even think it will be turn in a very long day, why not snatch up some summery tunes to lighten up your day and pass the hours with only thoughts of sun, sand, and fun!

“House chores again!”

This has been the most common complaint made both by the young and the not-so-old individuals.

We can’t escape it.

It won’t go away if we don’t take action.  Instead, it will only pile up.

Weekend arrives or any free day away from school or from the office and we start to grumble. When we are faced with the household chores that takes in form of mountain high laundry, scrubbing the kitchen and the bathroom titles, changing out the bed sheets, vacuuming the carpet, clearing out the clutter, mowing the lawn to trimming the shrubs and others. Chores will always make us balk at the thought of doing any of them.

Let’s face it; it can be tedious, right?  Moreover, when things are tedious we normally put them off for a later date. Whether we like it or not, we still need to get them done to keep our homes order.  

Want to make a day filled with chores pass with ease?

Why not load your iPod with a play list filled with energy-boosting tunes to make you forget that you’re actually doing household chores.

Just make sure you still have an ear-out lest your mother or your significant other calls for help around the house.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homebase Transcription

Wondering what you can do to fill in those couple of hours of free time you have over the weekend? Or you're looking for something else to do aside from the usual work you have and you have a knack for transcribing audio files into electronic data? Check out:

CallGraph.Biz offers a great opportunity to augment your income by transcribing audio files to text. You can work as a freelance transcriber and get paid for it. Once approved you can login to your CallGraph.Biz account anytime and select files which are available for transcription and/or review. The files are around 6 minutes or shorter and you can check the quality before selecting. There are also no monthly commitments, obligations or minimum withdrawal limits. Payment is prompt and you are free to delete your account anytime.
If you are an experienced transcriber and have unused time on your hand then CallGraph.Biz can help you to fill that up. If you are starting your career as a transcriptionist then you can gain valuable experience and hone your skills on CallGraph.Biz.

To learn more click here

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What A Tangled World We Live In

It was quite fascinating how after clicking several unrelated video clips will eventually led me again to "Tangled." The magic of key words. It's sort of six-degrees of something until you stop to what you want to view. 

Well, today I re-visited DisneyAnimation channel over at Youtube and I tremendously enjoyed the behind-the-scene clips and the Q & A from the directors Nathan Greno & Byron Howard, production design Doug Rogers, art direction  Dave Goetz to visual department Victoria Ying. I'm looking forward to the DVD release on March 2011 and check out more behind-the-scenes interviews.

Monday, February 21, 2011

When will the Anthuriums bloom?

My friend gave me four parent stalks four months ago and so far they're fairing well in the new location. However, this morning, I've found several leaves going yellow though. This is my first attempt of potted gardening (as we really don't have a garden plot or a big-sized lawn) so I've contented myself with this set up. I'm just starting to learn some Anthurium facts: 

and wish the plants would show any flowers soon too just like the ones in the pictures here.

Soooo, the possible reasons for the yellowing leaves are that I've either watered them too much and soil content may be lacking nutrients. I may have to find also a shadier spot for them too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Day!

Photo Credit by Kaecie Cruz
This was taken several years ago. The whole graduating department class stayed overnight in Caleruega, Batangas. 

Sun was rising and it was day for new beginnings for all of us. I remembered we were all counting down the days leading up to the graduation and the atmosphere was electrified until the G-day. hahaha 

More of Scenic Sundays here. I'm enjoying this new blog sharing. ☺  

Scenic Sunday

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I will sing to (You are Lord of Lords)

After a couple of blunders, I finally understood  this Meme. In fact, I found one for each day in one blog. I hope this won't lose it's novelty but I don't think it would. This is a wonderful kind of sharing so thanks to Amy's "Then Sings My Soul Saturdays."

I heard this song last year. It was memorable to me because I was feeling lost (until now). I went through a career change, which is presently starting to get off the ground but I was still facing things from family. This song would lift me up and I can feel the peace that I've experienced after accepting our Lord as my Personal Savior. I just have to remember. The lyrics - just under the cut. ☺

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding Love that slipped away with a dash of Serendipity

There was a contest over at Ordinary Inspirations by Traci, which started from February  01 and ended February 14 called the Love Dare Challenge, while I'm still "man-less"  that puts me out but I was moved by this story and wanted to share in this month of Hearts. 

The story was shared to my Mom last 2006 when she attended her high school reunion. This is about a Math teacher and a Biology teacher. We'll call our two protagonists, John and Janet (not their real names) for the sake of their privacy and all that.

When Mom was still in high school, she remembered these two teachers were being teased to be the likely couple, of course during her stay at her Alma Mater, it didn't happen and John didn't come forward with his feelings. Through the intervening years until that reunion, Mom found out that each had eventually married their respective girlfriend and boyfriend and they went their separate ways.

Call it serendipity or destiny but Janet and John apparently found themselves somewhere in California. I had goose bumps when Mom told me this. Wow, what are the odds of meeting your love after so much time had passed?

The two former high school teachers touched based with each other and it was soon learned that their respective spouses had passed away years before. John's feelings for Janet reawakened and so in-between catching up and forging new memories together, they got married.  They spent their lives together until John passed away several years after. I know it ended sadly but I'm sure they made it count.

Sitting for too long....

Whether you 're clocking the 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM grind or freelancing from your home, if your work constitutes on sitting on the chair for long periods of time, you'll certainly hear your body screaming with aches. When that happens it's time to assess you work area or station.  

The Assessment
Take note your posture while seated in front of the computer. Are you slouching? This can bring discomfort for your back. Try straightening up by tucking in those sleepy abdominal muscles  in to help support your back. 

Adjust the height of the seat. Our elbows want comfort too. So they want to be perpendicular to the table and not at some crazy angle and don't forget to set your foot flat on the floor and not on a really, really small footstool.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Advance Happy Valentines!


I'll to post it now because I'll be busy tomorrow. Hope you got your flowers, romantic dinners, quiet beach strolls plans, sunrise/sunset gazing etc ready. Have a fun time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heinz Winckler: One Step Closer Album...

I've always been on a look for new music and my ears was snagged when the intro to”Chasing Shadows," played on way back 2002.  This was a track from Disney's Treasure Planet (South African release)  sang by Heinz Winckler

I always enjoyed watching the behind-the-scenes footage and I was lucky that our cable provider used to carry MNET channel.  After listening to him singing the track, it subsequently made me want to connect with other fans and I found one through Heinz' site. It was several years back and it was unfortunate that we've lost touch. 

Album Thoughts
The freshman album had a unified tone throughout which was interesting because even with the slower tempo songs, it still felt the songs were connected with the following song and so on. I don't think I've listened to something like this from my respective favorite artists from their own freshman albums. So that little difference made buying this album that cost me two arms and a leg (joke) and finding an appropriate courier to deliver it to me, worthwhile. Although after seeing my credit card bill afterward, I'd say, Ouch. Lolz. 

Where was I? Oh, some thoughts. The album gave me a tip of a diversified range of music styles to tickle my modest musical palate. Also, I've noticed that soloist can easily have a signature prevailing in their tracks. For Heinz, I didn't find it yet.  Maybe my ears are not that trained or I was practically in Cloud 9 every time I listened to this album. Anyway, just by the tracks, the vocals were varied that added flavor. It wasn't over the place too. I don't know if for his second and third album, his signature style of singing has exerted itself.

Rate: 4 stars out of five

The Tracks
Next Stop To Happiness   An upbeat song that suggested the person have been striving for all opportunities and finally it paid off and the person's on the fast lane. This is the first song off the 12-track album.

The Way It Is   A mid-tempo song about love's dying embers and what it would take to keep it. 

All Day, All Night  This track brings up the tempo a bit to tease the listener. It showcases Heinz lower vocal range. This is a hopeful track about treating the lucky person right "straight from the heart of mine," which will send girls swooning.