Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding Love that slipped away with a dash of Serendipity

There was a contest over at Ordinary Inspirations by Traci, which started from February  01 and ended February 14 called the Love Dare Challenge, while I'm still "man-less"  that puts me out but I was moved by this story and wanted to share in this month of Hearts. 

The story was shared to my Mom last 2006 when she attended her high school reunion. This is about a Math teacher and a Biology teacher. We'll call our two protagonists, John and Janet (not their real names) for the sake of their privacy and all that.

When Mom was still in high school, she remembered these two teachers were being teased to be the likely couple, of course during her stay at her Alma Mater, it didn't happen and John didn't come forward with his feelings. Through the intervening years until that reunion, Mom found out that each had eventually married their respective girlfriend and boyfriend and they went their separate ways.

Call it serendipity or destiny but Janet and John apparently found themselves somewhere in California. I had goose bumps when Mom told me this. Wow, what are the odds of meeting your love after so much time had passed?

The two former high school teachers touched based with each other and it was soon learned that their respective spouses had passed away years before. John's feelings for Janet reawakened and so in-between catching up and forging new memories together, they got married.  They spent their lives together until John passed away several years after. I know it ended sadly but I'm sure they made it count.


  1. An EPIC love story for sure!!! Reminds me of "The Notebook" X

  2. When Mom related that story as was in a daze for a few moments. Beautiful love story.


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