Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heinz Winckler: One Step Closer Album...

I've always been on a look for new music and my ears was snagged when the intro to”Chasing Shadows," played on way back 2002.  This was a track from Disney's Treasure Planet (South African release)  sang by Heinz Winckler

I always enjoyed watching the behind-the-scenes footage and I was lucky that our cable provider used to carry MNET channel.  After listening to him singing the track, it subsequently made me want to connect with other fans and I found one through Heinz' site. It was several years back and it was unfortunate that we've lost touch. 

Album Thoughts
The freshman album had a unified tone throughout which was interesting because even with the slower tempo songs, it still felt the songs were connected with the following song and so on. I don't think I've listened to something like this from my respective favorite artists from their own freshman albums. So that little difference made buying this album that cost me two arms and a leg (joke) and finding an appropriate courier to deliver it to me, worthwhile. Although after seeing my credit card bill afterward, I'd say, Ouch. Lolz. 

Where was I? Oh, some thoughts. The album gave me a tip of a diversified range of music styles to tickle my modest musical palate. Also, I've noticed that soloist can easily have a signature prevailing in their tracks. For Heinz, I didn't find it yet.  Maybe my ears are not that trained or I was practically in Cloud 9 every time I listened to this album. Anyway, just by the tracks, the vocals were varied that added flavor. It wasn't over the place too. I don't know if for his second and third album, his signature style of singing has exerted itself.

Rate: 4 stars out of five

The Tracks
Next Stop To Happiness   An upbeat song that suggested the person have been striving for all opportunities and finally it paid off and the person's on the fast lane. This is the first song off the 12-track album.

The Way It Is   A mid-tempo song about love's dying embers and what it would take to keep it. 

All Day, All Night  This track brings up the tempo a bit to tease the listener. It showcases Heinz lower vocal range. This is a hopeful track about treating the lucky person right "straight from the heart of mine," which will send girls swooning. 

Every Moment   A fun tune celebrating every moment of our lives. This is a cherry, happy-go-lucky song that reminisced of rolling down the windows while enjoying the scenic route along the highway. It very much reminded me of my trip to Hana, Maui (Hawaii)

One Step Closer   This song has the potential to explode in the beginning but it was pulled back a bit. There is an unbridled energy just below the surface waiting to be unleashed. 

Once in a Lifetime  The track gave me goosebumps at the beginning of the song to me an indication of the emotion he poured out for this track. He goes semi acappella in the middle which is quite a highlight of the song. Killer chorus.

Angel  The piano backs Heinz in this ballad. It's not the remake of Sarah McLachlan's song. He takes it down a notch with this song. His voice glides so easily to the tinkling ivory keys which provided the sole background of the song. 

Someday, Someday  After mellowing us with Angel, Heinz springs to this dance track thus making this listener breaking into a huge grin. It brings the cheer and sun in any gloomy day. 

Never Got Over You  A song with a beautiful opening with the guitars. This is another upbeat song where the guy tries to win her back. He is thinking  "If I quote a lie from a Miramax movie, would you maybe come back to me," Unfortunately, this doesn't bring his girl and he is lost. 

I'ts Over   This track showcases again his lower vocal range at the start of the  song. I love that fact the he co-wrote this too. 
Soledad  I don't know who originally sang this, if any one knows, let me know because I'm always curious about artists versions and this was usually a way to see how musically creative they get with their interpretation of a song that have been already familiar to other people. As of me, I've heard this song sang by Westlife, which was included in their Coast to Coast album. Astonishingly, Heinz breaks out from the danger of possibly getting compared and lent his own interpretation. Between Westlife and Heinz, a plus for each of their rendition. 

Shut up and Kiss Me  The last track. The title gets me tickles behind the ears. Hahaha. The track has some slight infusion of Motown which is good. The electric guitar opening gave the song an edgier feel. We are presented with a rock Heinz. To me, he doesn't go overboard with the vocals and the tempo suited him well.


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