Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recharging Batteries

Fridays wind to a close and for some reason a good night’s sleep doesn’t seem enough to break away from the chains of stress that still has its knobby fingers around you. 

What do you do? 

Sleeping in is usually the answer but why not try to listen to the nudges of sunny Saturday (well, hopefully it’s sunny at your end too) and join the birds’ chorus to a new day promptings! 

Open those sleep-fogged eyes.

Move those lazy bones under the bed sheets.

Stretch your body out of that cozy bed.

Here are some ideas to de-stress without going over the budget.

Begin the day with a smile

Start off your day by preparing your favorite breakfast combo for a change while listening to your favorite tunes. Let yourself loosen up along the sweet strains of your favorite music artist. If your domicile has small balcony or patio, why not spend a gorgeous breakfast outside. Take time to take in the wonder of the new day.  

If you are heading out, why not take a leisure walk around town. There are bound to be new shops that have sprung up over the week that you haven’t noticed before. Take in the sights and not gloss over the familiar shops because they are recognizable to you.  They may hold announcements from latest menu to services that you weren’t aware of due to the constant bustle from the previous weeks.

Visit your local indoor/outdoor skate/bike park and be one of the lucky audiences to be fortunate in catching an impromptu demonstration of skills from sporty enthusiasts.

Saunter through the town mall with friends. Check out the activity roster for schedules of live performances by local or up-and-coming acts or by glee clubs from nearby schools for the week. It is usually a good treat supporting the town favorites too.

Plan a TV series marathon or a movie marathon with friends. It can be a whole day affair with costumes or a themed-get-together party where the food is pot-luck. A quick agreement on food assignment amongst friends and you’re set to go.

Redecorate the spare room that has been screaming for a makeover. Gather all your home makeover books and materials that you’ve slowly accumulated over the past months and thumbed through the pages. Perhaps, a faux stone wall effect will do the trick for your room?

Or if you have few selections, head over to for style ideas on how to resuscitate a dreary room and transform it to a vibrant one.  There are tips, suggestions, and videos on paint techniques to help you decide which will work for your room.

Stop and Smell the Roses

With varied choices coming from your own roster of interests, all one needs is to diversify a weekend activity. Allow yourself to free up from your working routine.  As they say, “stop and smell the roses”. Appreciate every break away from the daily grind. We can’t go on forever brooding. Smile.


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