Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music with Lyrics or without?

What do I prefer listening to, music with lyrics or music without? 

I mostly listen to music with lyrics because the words are the next thing that draws me into a song. Listening to what the song is all about and the world the artist  is painting in that 4.5 minutes of the track. The words also acts like a guide (to me) where I'm supposed to be heading within the song too. What feeling was the artist conveying at that time he or she wrote the song or even just a sliver of his/her thoughts around the different subjects like love, of leaving, goodbyes, new love, life, connectedness, people, etc.  

However, very few songs today have stories within the lyrics. Unfortunately, I can't recall the song that was in my office-mate's playlist so you'll know what I mean. I was surprised by that little realization. The song I believe was pretty much the song tracks our older siblings used to listen.  Sorry, somewhere in the '70s probably. I guess even the '90s songs are considered old today. Hahha

Several of my favorite songwriters are: David Foster, Diane WarrenChristian Ingebrigsten, Mark Read, Ronan Keating and the rest of Boyzone (A Different Beat, Key to My Life, I Never Not Need You, Melting Pot are some of the notables, imo) Andrea Corr, Gary Barlow, and Alan Menken.

Then there are  music composers who are my top faves too such as Howard Shore, Yanni and Kenny G

How about you, which do you prefer listening to?


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