Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magnetism? or Just Luck

According to Wikipedia, Magnetism is one of the phenomena by which materials exert attractive or repulsive forces on other materials. Maybe a different kind of magnetism or just just plain luck happened when I found another Stargate related item at the mall.

I really didn't expect finding the magazine when I went to the mall after picking up my order of Stargate: Atlantis books. After purchasing Palabok , a couple of fried lumpia and NY Fries to go (this was going to be my dinner when I get home), I decided it was high time to catch a ride back home. It was fairly getting late and I didn't like the bottle neck traffic even if it was a Saturday. Except, I did veer off to visit a book shop. A thrift shop with loads of pocket books and magazines. I took a chance since it was so-o inviting. *grinz* I went with my rounds. I found a Dragonlance book, which my friend, Jeffer has a standing watch list for me to check for her. I texted the title I found and she later confirmed that she has this book title already. So, I went to the magazine section. By this time, the plastic bags were I have the SGA books and my dinner were starting to bite into the skin of my fingers. I didn't want to set the plastic bags on the floor because someone might run away with "my precious stuffs" *tapping Gollum here*

I headed for the magazine section as fast as I could and blindly reached through the pile and found Mr. Joe Flanigan's smiling face on the front cover Stargate: Atlantis magazine.

It was like my hand was magnetized to this certain column of the stacks where the magazines were crammed in the display table. I lost track of time because I was hoping to find a magazine from Supernatural or another Stargate: Atlantis magazine. Not these were found but an official CSI: NY magazine was in the stacks too so I bought that for another friend of mine.

A trip down the memory lane...

Yesterday, I spent most of the morning down in our basement searching for dad's mechanical and engineering books. I was able to find most of the titles he asked for except for two remaining titles that are still unaccounted for.

In between the intervening time of looking for the books (all kept in the lockers and cabinets) I stumbled across mine. I found I have several high school and college books in storage, which brought back memories.

The memorable memories from high school were when I was late for my first subject (General Sciences) in my Freshman year. Our group was the first up to report on Solar Energy. I remembered my group mates paced inside the science room as they waited for me to arrive. I could see them from the doorway as I ran up the remaining steps. Then another memory for one afternoon in our Maths class, then the graded recitations from our Biology class, the microscope blooper then my classmate being late for our Music class. There were others but these were the ones that stood out. When I got to my college books, memories from my stay in the dormitory intruded in my mind.

Here, the memories of a certain girl on my floor who loved pulling pranks on us was the instant thing I can recall. She liked to scare people by making spooky voices or just randomly bang against the shower room door if she found one to be taking the shower room all ALONE. Yep, I wasn't lucky to escape from her moods. It was a good thing, I didn't attack her with my flashlight. I had it with me because electricity would go off in the most unexpected times.

I was amazed to still find the old books in the lockers. I knew I had sent batches to the thrift shop for sale and to the book drive I spotted at the mall, a couple years back. I need to find another book drive. *grinz*

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Started....

This rainy night seemed to be a perfect start for my first entry. I see this site has changed since the last time I was here, which was during the height of Lord of the Rings movies. What? Eight years ago? I could be wrong. I don't have readily opened to the particular films section, so I'm guessing.

I have couple of blogs floating in cyberspace too and depending on my mood I visit and update them. *looks around for a smiley icon* It can stretch this girl's spare time too thin though.

September is almost over and I'll leaving my previous day job to hop back to the student role by October *cross fingers* and embark in a different profession. I won't say it just yet or until I finish the short course (six months). I might jinx myself. *lolz* Okay, so not thinking that. Of course, some of ya dear friends know it anyway. This is a new adventure for me and I'm looking forward to the change of scenery.

Next Monday, will be my final (exit) *interview* with my boss. The last of the turn-over then its off to send an e-card for everyone at the office. I was going to do it tonight but I was attracted to setting up this blog. Somehow tonight, I needed to do this. Am I looking for a therapy? Haha

My boss asked me to bring any pertinent files to the meeting that needs attention and I've been going over the records for any that might have slipped through my steel net. Yup, one actually got past it, so I have to deal with it tomorrow. *sigh*

This afternoon, since our marketing person will be taking over my duties, we've been clearing out my cabinet. The motions brought a feeling of finality. Weird. Since last year I couldn't stay any longer and now I'm caught in between whether this was the right thing to do or I was hasty with my decision. Hasty? I need a grip. Circumstances have sprung up and let's just say, I need greener pastures if I'm to help around in the monetary department.

It doesn't ease the feeling of my other officemates sparing me glances though. I may not have actually seen it but I could feel them watching me, unobtrusively.

I'm glad I'll be moving to the next step of possible growth (changing career paths) and find more sense of accomplishment too. I hope I don't feel stuck ever again in my life.