Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magnetism? or Just Luck

According to Wikipedia, Magnetism is one of the phenomena by which materials exert attractive or repulsive forces on other materials. Maybe a different kind of magnetism or just just plain luck happened when I found another Stargate related item at the mall.

I really didn't expect finding the magazine when I went to the mall after picking up my order of Stargate: Atlantis books. After purchasing Palabok , a couple of fried lumpia and NY Fries to go (this was going to be my dinner when I get home), I decided it was high time to catch a ride back home. It was fairly getting late and I didn't like the bottle neck traffic even if it was a Saturday. Except, I did veer off to visit a book shop. A thrift shop with loads of pocket books and magazines. I took a chance since it was so-o inviting. *grinz* I went with my rounds. I found a Dragonlance book, which my friend, Jeffer has a standing watch list for me to check for her. I texted the title I found and she later confirmed that she has this book title already. So, I went to the magazine section. By this time, the plastic bags were I have the SGA books and my dinner were starting to bite into the skin of my fingers. I didn't want to set the plastic bags on the floor because someone might run away with "my precious stuffs" *tapping Gollum here*

I headed for the magazine section as fast as I could and blindly reached through the pile and found Mr. Joe Flanigan's smiling face on the front cover Stargate: Atlantis magazine.

It was like my hand was magnetized to this certain column of the stacks where the magazines were crammed in the display table. I lost track of time because I was hoping to find a magazine from Supernatural or another Stargate: Atlantis magazine. Not these were found but an official CSI: NY magazine was in the stacks too so I bought that for another friend of mine.


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