Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clearing Out

I decided to dispose all of the old and ruined VHS tapes, which contained guest appearances of my favorite boy bands and girl bands when they toured Asia. They were collected clips from MTV Asia spots, Musica Si, Channel V, MTV Europe, Party in the Park specials, Disney Awards to ASAP appearances. Wait, the ASAP appearance of A1 is with me. I knew I saved it.

I do hope I didn't throw that out. I'm a bit lazy to go an re-check the container. Lolz. This was memorable because I was with my best mate, Kaecie and the rest of A1 fan club members. Several months ago, she sent me a link of the ASAP special. It was uploaded by a kind soul in Youtube. It brought back wonderful memories. I remembered how excited we all were. Mark mentioned he was surprised when they visited USA because they were greeted by A1 fans at the airport. I think he said something about not expecting any fans there because they weren't very known in that part of the world. So, he thanked all of us for spreading the word. Okay, I'm sure he may have said that bit in their other guest appearances in other countries, still, I do recall reminding my A1 USA friends (who have more connections than I have) of these guys USA visit.

Back to the vhs tapes, I also recorded one hit wonder tv shows where my fave actors have starred in, Hallmark movies, which were most of the times hard to find vcd copies in the video shop and music videos. I really hate to see them all go but molds have made their home inside the film. I don't have a suitable cleaner for these vhs tapes anymore. Besides, both of my vcrs are kaput and I won't be visiting the repair shop anytime soon so, it was best to discard them and use the storage container for my cds now.

My wish? I had a vcr machine that could transfer what was recorded from the vhs tapes to cds then I could've saved them and re-watched the clips to pass the time or if I need to de-stress.


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  2. De-stress. Excellent word. All those Westlife tapes remind me of my Westlife-loving days as well.

    Hold on. You're not going to throw them all away, are you??

  3. Sadly, I'll be throwing them out. Molds have ruined the film and I don't have a cleaner for this type of problem. I decided to do this because I wanted to use the storage container's space to place my cd albums.


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