Monday, February 28, 2011

Right now, what is on your mind?

Well, for was the conclusion of the 83rd Oscar Awards night and I've noted several movies to watch throughout the year. I seldom go the cinemas these days but that doesn't mean I wouldn't go at all. I do for movies that I think are worth watching on the big screen. Such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Movies, Inception,  Star Trek (2009), Sanctum, Tangled,  I Am Number Four, 127 Hours and many others.

Why? It was simply because people can't seem to get themselves detached from their cell phones these days. They're practically joined to the hip with their high-end phones. It's annoying where we have already suspended our realities only to be drawn crashing back in the middle of the movie because you hear an intrusive ring tone and a backlight that rivaled the intensity of the EXIT signs.  *Tsk*  Simple courtesy, is it hard to ask these days? Vibrate that phone and lower the back-light, you can seriously have a back wash of images after staring at the little monitor even for a few minutes. 

Anyway, here's too all who were all nominated. Whether getting a coveted title or not, everyone won.


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