Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tagged: Michael Johns sings "Man In Motion"

This morning, I was in desperate need of finding something to perk me up because I was nodding off in front of my monitor during my research on Colonic Adenocarcinoma.

I decided to check my e-mails and my blog. Great timing as it was since my friend's site was up. I went straight to her page for a bit of lounging and let out a little squee, as Michael Johns sang "Don't you forget about me." We were talking about the 80s songs performed in American Idol. I mentioned a couple of my favorites, which were "Man In Motion" from St. Elmo's Fire or "The Power of Love" from Back to the Future and wished they were sang in the show. Lo and behold, vintagevixen surprised us by posting Michael Johns video clip singing "Man in Motion"! Thanks! I just wanted to snag it too. *smiles* Photo from American Idol. Thanks!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last Thursday, I was given the topic to report in class next week. My topic's about "Colonic Adenocarcoma."

Okay, I was given seven guide questions to help me with my report. Yet, I still feel I don't know where to start.
  1. Define the following medical terms: a) colorectal carcinoma b) polyposis c) oncogene d) tumor marker e) colostomy f) adjuvant therapy 7) down-staging
  2. Discuss the epidemiology of colorectal carcinoma. What are the risk factors for the disease?
  3. What are the signs and symptoms of colonic carcinoma? How is a left-sided colonic cancer different from a right-sided colonic cancer in terms of presentation?
  4. What are the various screening and diagnostic test used for colonic cancer?
  5. Discuss the Duke's tagging system for colonic cancer. What are the 5-year survival rates based on the stage?
  6. Discuss the different surgical approaches tot remove colon cancer-left and right hemicolectomy, transverse colectomy, sigmoidectomy and Mile's abdominoperineal resection.
  7. Discuss chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment for colonic cancer. What are the commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs for colon cancer? What are the common side effects of chemotherapy?
And I'll using PowerPoint, which I've forgotten how this program works. Aargh. It's a good thing Monday has been announced as a holiday but then my friend Connie has invited me to her birthday party! I've said to her before that I'm not sure if I'm going to make it because we have our usual weekly modular exams too. She wasn't very thrilled with my answer. Sorry, mate. I'll see if I can drop be at her place for just a couple of hours and I do have a gift for her too, to brighten her day. She's a huge fan of CSI:NY and I was fortunate to have found this mag! *smiles* I hope her fave actor, Eddie Cahill has an interview inside. I didn't open the mag from its plastic cover to find out. I think there's a nice poster of the cast though as seen in the corner left photo. I apologized for the less HD picture.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Boyz are back in town!

My friend Daisy forwarded a text message of seeing BZ's latest music video and my friend Kaecie had sent me an email about it too, it wasn't until now, I watched it.

Listening to Love You Anyway, made me smile because nine years may have gone by, their signature tones still meshed well together. Okay, I know we hear more of our dear Ro but whatever had clicked nine years ago, was still there, with them. Like most fans, I hope we'll hear more of Mickey, Shane and Keith. I remember Mickey sang "Good Conversation from their Where We Belong album. It would kewl to have a follow up somewhere down the line. *smiles*

Second new song, Can't Stop Thinking About You!Thanks to arpangupta.

Taking the public bus to school...

After weathering a guy wearing in leather jacket *gag* as a my seatmate last two Mondays ago, I've decided to take the aisle seat now.

In the past, I've always preferred the window seat because I like looking out the window and watched overgrown fields changed from well-tended rice fields to pit stops in forms of gas stations and fast food joints, as we sped along the expressway. However, after putting up with the guy who thought wearing a leather jacket in a hot, humid country is an IN thing, I decided that I should choose the aisle seat these days.

I was so stressed out with the guy. I wanted to shove him off the seat because when he shrugged of his jacket, eckk, I could see his sweat glistening on his forearms. I wanted to change seats but there weren't any left. It was a Monday. Loads of people heading for work. The Monday Madness.

The only good thing was, the guy kept his sweaty arms to himself. Despite the fact, I was still shoulder to shoulder to him. Argh. I felt so hassled that day that I didn't notice our registrar who was on her way to school too.

I also hate it when guys feel they are at their homes and napped inside the bus where they take more space in the seat to the point of invading your personal space. I experienced that too and it was the last straw for me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Plastic! Winchesters Theater

Oh, I have missed visiting Anteka's blog for the daily dose of creativity and injected fun into this project as she gave us weekly adventures of the Plastic! Winchesters. If you're an SN fan and haven't stumbled into her site yet, go check her Plastic!Winchesters Theater now. *grinz*

I found her site in a mailing list I was on (a couple years back) and have followed through her creations until halfway of Season 2 when RL begged attention and other preoccupations led me elsewhere. Now, I've come back because I think I need to be in touch with some inspiration to get my own creative juices pumping for my other pending projects. Lolz. What are those projects? Well, some of them that I like to get back are:
  1. To continue my Photoshop creations for TCP (The Charmed Paladins)
  2. To add scenes to my neophyte screenplays
  3. To repaint my room but with my allergies, I don't know how's that going to happen
  4. To add to my one poem per month plan - so far, nothing yet
Anyway, maybe by revisiting her site and re-reading her stories will send a touch of inspiration my way. Besides, I'm also looking forward to the additions she has done too.

I remember listening to her behind-the-scenes audio files before and it was just amazing how she thought of turning it into successful tie-in show. Who would have thought finding several naked barbie dolls, a mini-sized computer, a karaoke machine, which at one PWT episode, Sam belted out a song... "My Heart Will Go On", would become like this with a loyal following to boot. Then, there's the designing of the motel rooms, the Impala and meeting the evil Carebears to fairies! Even Plastic! Aragon even makes his appearance. Hahaha.

Speaking of Aragon, there was a time, I wanted to make something like this but LOTR style? Back then, I had finished two LOTR stories of a 5-part story. I wanted to do some still shots using the LOTR action figures and add captions from the finished stories. Unfortunately, finding an affordable LOTR action figures was challenging in the financial department. If there was an LOTR collector living in my neighborhood then I'm sure the project would've worked and I could present it to the The Philippine Tolkien Society (TPTS).

Back to Plastic! Winchesters.... *smiles* Here's an interview done by CW.