Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Boyz are back in town!

My friend Daisy forwarded a text message of seeing BZ's latest music video and my friend Kaecie had sent me an email about it too, it wasn't until now, I watched it.

Listening to Love You Anyway, made me smile because nine years may have gone by, their signature tones still meshed well together. Okay, I know we hear more of our dear Ro but whatever had clicked nine years ago, was still there, with them. Like most fans, I hope we'll hear more of Mickey, Shane and Keith. I remember Mickey sang "Good Conversation from their Where We Belong album. It would kewl to have a follow up somewhere down the line. *smiles*

Second new song, Can't Stop Thinking About You!Thanks to arpangupta.


  1. Love the new singles. Yes, I saw them in a comeback concert on YouTube. It took place somewhere in July/August. This is them singing "Isn't It a Wonder":

  2. Yes, I also like the new singles. *smiles* One of our local tv station used "Love you anyway" track as part of their advertisement for their shows line-up. This was several hours after I read Daisy's text message but I haven't watched several Youtube concert clips then. Nice promotion too. I wonder if studio23 will be one of their sponsors should the lads visit the Philippines again for a concert? *Hint*Hint* Hehehe


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