Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taking the public bus to school...

After weathering a guy wearing in leather jacket *gag* as a my seatmate last two Mondays ago, I've decided to take the aisle seat now.

In the past, I've always preferred the window seat because I like looking out the window and watched overgrown fields changed from well-tended rice fields to pit stops in forms of gas stations and fast food joints, as we sped along the expressway. However, after putting up with the guy who thought wearing a leather jacket in a hot, humid country is an IN thing, I decided that I should choose the aisle seat these days.

I was so stressed out with the guy. I wanted to shove him off the seat because when he shrugged of his jacket, eckk, I could see his sweat glistening on his forearms. I wanted to change seats but there weren't any left. It was a Monday. Loads of people heading for work. The Monday Madness.

The only good thing was, the guy kept his sweaty arms to himself. Despite the fact, I was still shoulder to shoulder to him. Argh. I felt so hassled that day that I didn't notice our registrar who was on her way to school too.

I also hate it when guys feel they are at their homes and napped inside the bus where they take more space in the seat to the point of invading your personal space. I experienced that too and it was the last straw for me.


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