Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Deviant Art Feature: Girl Power:Gwen Tennyson By DivineRoseBoot

My friend, Dvampyrlestat once mentioned a cool site for checking out manips a couple of years back and last week, I visited the site again and found a lot of jaw-dropping creations. I specifically went to Ben 10 Canonicity and this was one was my fave.

This was made by DivineRoseRoot, which I have asked permission to post here. She has a deviant art page where you can check out her creations.Oh, if only I could draw.... :D

A fun forum question was highlighted when I visited Ben 10 Alien Force Page in Cartoon Network Philippines: "Why do you think Ben doesn't always transform into the alien that he wants to?" 
A: I think from what I noticed, the Omnitrix somehow knew what alien form is best suited for the situation. 

Then from Ultimate Alien forum highlighted from Cartoon Network Philippines page: "Which alien has the best Ultimate Form? 
A: I can't decide between Ultimate Big Chill or Ultimate Echo-echo. :D 

Ultimate Big Chill
Ultimate Echo-echo
What do you think?


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