Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruby Tuesday (4)

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This was something from the time capsule. Mom was sorting the closet to choose which clothes we would donate and she came across this blouse and skirt ensemble, which happened to be my home economics project back in high school (some 20 years ago) *gasp* and it was perfectly preserved. lolz. The color hasn't faded which I think was because I used it once so it didn't spend so many times in the laundry cycle. Of course, I said to mom, not to give it away. I mean it was a project, I want to keep it for sentimental reasons. I didn't know I had a much slighter frame then and that waist! Hahaha enuf said. :D  


  1. That would be a treasure! The memory needs some tangible reality! Lovely skirt colour!

  2. «Louis» thanks you for visiting his Ruby Tuesday post!

  3. Memories are good - especially those that are good. Great colour - always love red and green.


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