Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday (3)

Episode 13 Season 3 "Bringing out the Dead" was troublesome for several of the characters. Caroline, my fave character faced the loss of her father who opted not to transition into a vampire. Caroline, was willing to force him to take vampire blood but her father wouldn't hear any of it because it what was he believed in, it was his strength. I'm curious to see how this will affect Caroline, of course. Would she even go through bereavement like a normal human? Perhaps since she is still not as old as the Salvatore brothers and even close to Klaus and his siblings. Yet  Damon said they (vampires) can opt to switch off their humanity. It sounds too easy for them, huh? Not facing the burden and anguish of losing a love one. Another character that I like is Alaric. He stood in place like a uncle for Elena and Jer and now, someone in Mystic Falls is targeting the founders. It seems the enchanted ring he's wearing is taking its time to help him under supernatural death. Does that bode well to Alaric? Definitely not especially to Elena who at this episode could no longer bear to lose a family member. The song was played towards the end of show as Caroline's father passed and switching from Elena waiting for Alaric to heal.

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  1. First time hearing this. I like it. Thanks for visiting.

  2. i watch vd too. it all started with the twilight saga. i'm not into the vamp thing, i just love the love story. hehe...


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