Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trading My Sorrows

The first time I heard this my tongue-twisted.  Hahaha. This was an energetic song with a powerful message. A song that I think is good to be memorize like the one I learned when I was kid, "Pass It On." For more Joyful songs in Glorifying in his name, hop over to Signs, Miracles, and Wonder by Amy. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Disaster in the little garden

A neophyte's tale

Maybe I was too enthusiastic and someone dislike seeing me happy at all and decided to jinx it. 

Okay, that sort of paranoid thinking will not get me anywhere but it has made me think over the years. That's why I've never been overtly happy because I didn't want to destroy what small joy I can have or keep for the moment. Sheesh... This feels like a start of a plot for a horror screenplay.
The mums really don't look well and the pentunia. /floor  The grandiflora is dying away and the multiflora seemed to be holding up the fight but I really don't like to think that it'll too will lose the internal battle that's happening within the plant.

I've researched several weeks when I saw differences on the mums. I hope I'm doing the deadheadings correctly. Although there was a couple of stems that have wilted too. Drats. I wasn't fast enough. I'll have to check again for the rest of the flowers. I didn't know you have to mist them after deadheading.

For the gradifloras I have done each of these incorrect. I didn't know moist soil could kill the plant and little sunlight affects them too. I'll have to transfer the pots to a much sun-filled area and hopefully, it will save the multiflora from following the demise of the grandiflora. 

Any greenthumbers out there with a tip or two, I'll be happy to hear from you too./please

Monday, March 21, 2011

So Serene

This was one of the flower arrangements found at the table during my cousin's wedding. I just love how the candle's flame was nearly invisible and just appeared to illuminate from within, casting a dreamy scene. 

For more Macro Monday scenes by Lisa's Chaos do check out other snapshots of wonder.   

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shout to the Lord

Whenever I hear this song sang by the choir, it always give me goose bumps and wishing I could sing as good as them. ☺ Visit Sign, Miracles, and Wonder by Amy to hear other glorious songs too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A virtual visit to museums...

The last museum I visited (physically) was the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the tour somehow left me in a daze. Ha-ha. Perhaps it was information overload and lack of time to really explore the museum. I was overwhelmed with the size of the building and what was housed inside it. If you've seen the Night of the Museum 1 and 2 well, then I don't have to elaborate. ☺

Too bad though, I wish I could have remembered some more and not only the Hope Diamond that practically made me think of Rose's necklace from  Titantic. *grinz*

I was surprised one morning when Google had a link for the The Google Art Project  where after clicking it directs you to the homepage. A list of museums from around the world is provided and you can select which ones you want to visit. It's easy navigate around the rooms because you can either use the museum's floor plan and if you're familiar with Google Street View then by the arrows you can move from one room to the next. I also like that the site provided  featured art pieces. So if you don't feel like sending your virtual footprints, you can click on a painting, read it's background and other facts. 

I find this project very interesting and I think very helpful for people wanting to be close to works of Art but still saving for the trip. This could also be helpful in planning a museum tour too. I still like an actual visit ☺ 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Can you survive without Farmville?

Rapunzel's Tower in Farmville
First there was e-mail - do you still remember how you can't part away from the computer during those times  when more households were connected to the Internet or internet cafes sprouted overnight?

Now funnily, Farmville woke up a gamer's side of me that I never thought existed.  It's one of the online games found in Facebook. Sure, you know this social media, right? *wink* or if you belong to those people who was not been bitten by curiosity to check out Farmville, good for you and I hope you'll never find out the online craze. Ha-ha.

I wonder what would be the next best thing in the next ten years. Maybe, we'll actually use up the alphabet and there will be yPhone and zPhone too. Ha-ha.

Clock Tower
I never thought there would come a day that I will encounter an online game that snared my attention this badly. I was never a fan of online games and don't play those MMRPG games or even the Xbox games series. I guess it does depend on one's preferences.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Petunias have arrived!

I bought two potted petunias and I can't wait to fix them on bigger pots (as advice by the grower) this Saturday. There better not be something that will change my plans. *grinz* 

I still don't know how long the wait should be for the anthuriums to bloom.  I found this site on tips of how to make the plant bloom. They're still very green although a couple leaves have turned up yellow and according to my research, it was because the plants were in the direct path of the sun. Anthuriums like to be in the shade and receive diffuse sunlight since they are plants found under the canopies of great trees. 

Petunias, however, love the sun and brightness. I happened to find a good site about Petunias called the and I'm also acquainting myself to the term deadheading
This video of Pruning Petunias was very helpful from

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Great is Our God

This was one of the songs sang at our church. It was a reflective song that made me surrender all the things that have been bothering me. Visit Amy at Then Sings My Soul Saturday and listen to the music choices of fellow bloggers too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Where's Mulder? I can hear Scully ask....

This was taken last year as I was coming home. It was a bright night and I took this picture inside a moving vehicle. I was curious how it would turn out but didn't expect it to be this way. Do you know what it is? ☺ It's the moon.  My friend wouldn't believe that it was the moon. She really thought I I just snapped a shot of E.T.'s ship streaking away.  Head to Skywatch Friday for more spectacular sky views.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alba from "The Time Traveler's Wife" can travel but what else do you think she can do?

Before going there "The Time Traveler's Wife" was adapted from the Audrey Niffenegger book of the same title.

Here was a man with an ability to go back and forward in time relative to his own lifetime due to a genetic disorder called chrono-displacement. He can't change his past or control his future. In all circumstances, he was without clothes on his back thus he acquired survival skills (such as lock-picking, self-defense etc) to obtain clothes and not look inconspicuousness while waiting for the moment to be returned to his own present.