Monday, March 21, 2011

So Serene

This was one of the flower arrangements found at the table during my cousin's wedding. I just love how the candle's flame was nearly invisible and just appeared to illuminate from within, casting a dreamy scene. 

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  1. Wedding arrangements are so pretty! This one is lovely!

  2. Thank you Lisa. I'll pass it along to Amie, (my cousin's wife). She had a hand in the decorating the tables. :D

  3. Really beautiful. There's something magical about a candle.


  4. Nice, it certainly has a dreamy feel to it.

    Your comment on my blog is right on, one key to a photo is finding a point of interest (often near the center), and a way to lead the eye into it (rather than out of the photo). I've got a lot to learn, I too often have something that leads the eye out of the photo, but I'm working on it.


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