Friday, March 4, 2011

Where's Mulder? I can hear Scully ask....

This was taken last year as I was coming home. It was a bright night and I took this picture inside a moving vehicle. I was curious how it would turn out but didn't expect it to be this way. Do you know what it is? ☺ It's the moon.  My friend wouldn't believe that it was the moon. She really thought I I just snapped a shot of E.T.'s ship streaking away.  Head to Skywatch Friday for more spectacular sky views.


  1. When Mulder appears Scully relates that as the oblong shape crossed the sky a blue light trailed some distance below....

    What a fun post!

  2. Thanks Carletta! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also had fun trying to make my friends guess what it was. Yeah, Scully would relate it that way and Mulder will do his best to prove her wrong or at least make her think there's more to it. ☺

  3. Cool photo, that is a quirky looking sky, thanks for sharing with sky watch friday and thanks for your kind comments on my post earlier.


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