Friday, March 25, 2011

Disaster in the little garden

A neophyte's tale

Maybe I was too enthusiastic and someone dislike seeing me happy at all and decided to jinx it. 

Okay, that sort of paranoid thinking will not get me anywhere but it has made me think over the years. That's why I've never been overtly happy because I didn't want to destroy what small joy I can have or keep for the moment. Sheesh... This feels like a start of a plot for a horror screenplay.
The mums really don't look well and the pentunia. /floor  The grandiflora is dying away and the multiflora seemed to be holding up the fight but I really don't like to think that it'll too will lose the internal battle that's happening within the plant.

I've researched several weeks when I saw differences on the mums. I hope I'm doing the deadheadings correctly. Although there was a couple of stems that have wilted too. Drats. I wasn't fast enough. I'll have to check again for the rest of the flowers. I didn't know you have to mist them after deadheading.

For the gradifloras I have done each of these incorrect. I didn't know moist soil could kill the plant and little sunlight affects them too. I'll have to transfer the pots to a much sun-filled area and hopefully, it will save the multiflora from following the demise of the grandiflora. 

Any greenthumbers out there with a tip or two, I'll be happy to hear from you too./please

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  1. Watch out for the screaming arbutus! Spent a lot of years with a productive vegetable garden, but the yard buds drop their buds if I merely walk past.


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