Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Petunias have arrived!

I bought two potted petunias and I can't wait to fix them on bigger pots (as advice by the grower) this Saturday. There better not be something that will change my plans. *grinz* 

I still don't know how long the wait should be for the anthuriums to bloom.  I found this site on tips of how to make the plant bloom. They're still very green although a couple leaves have turned up yellow and according to my research, it was because the plants were in the direct path of the sun. Anthuriums like to be in the shade and receive diffuse sunlight since they are plants found under the canopies of great trees. 

Petunias, however, love the sun and brightness. I happened to find a good site about Petunias called the and I'm also acquainting myself to the term deadheading
This video of Pruning Petunias was very helpful from


  1. Petunias look very nice, although I don't have a green thumb myself.

  2. Yes, they are and I just hope they survive too.

  3. Hi Raine, I have gardener friends who hired my daughter (when she was home) to come by and dead head even if they were away but a day or two. It's also a great technique to create potent "sin semilla!"

  4. Hi Raine, thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow, we still have snow on the ground, it will be a while before petunias make their first appearance here!


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