Sunday, February 5, 2012

Planting Gaillardia

 Almost a month ago, I tried my hand in planting Gaillardia from seeds. According to the seed pack, the seeds need to germinate for 15 days. Yet, 15 days passed and I was beginning to worry.  I went online to check any additional information and according  to several sites I visited today, the seeds prefer to be in a well-drained soil. I'm not sure if I placed enough coco fibers in the soil to let it breath. Does it look too pack? I also found out today that they have to be germinated under the full sun. The seed pack instructions wasn't very complete. I hope these will still grow.Do I need a seed starter mix? I hope not because I don't know where to get one. The garden store didn't mention or carried anything close to garden mix starter. I guess I will have to wait and see.


It would be cool if these bloom into this the picture on the right. :D 
Some sites that talked about Gaillardia.

I think I should first research a flower and look up how to grow it before buying a seed pack. Well, too late, I just bought Cosmos and Picotee Cosmos seeds. hahah. I wonder what's their differences. 



  1. Gaillardia is an interesting flower and hope you will see beautiful flowers.


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