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Review: "I am Number Four" (movie)

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Directed by D.J. Caruso 
Novel by:
Jobie Hughes and James Frey as Pittacus Lore 
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Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters. They can only be killed in numerical order, and Number Four is next on the list. This is his story.

What interested me? 
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When I heard in one of the few clips I managed to see was that the screenplay was by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar...

  • Beach scene where Daniel (Alex Pettyfer) did a stunt with the wave runner 
  • Mysterious green salamander
  • Bernie, the beagle
  • Mysterious Aussie girl trailing Daniel now John Smith and Henri
  • Sam's unforgettable line "My entire childhood has been an episode of X-Files." (Mulder would be proud!)
  • Mog Commander's dialogue to Mark. 
  • Mogs versus Four and Six at the football field 
What I thought after watching it?
Wow! I'm aware that I haven't read the book and I have long made peace not to compare books versus movies since it was going to destroy my own movie experience but that's just me. I would like to think each medium has to play with their own playground and merits. 

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I was familiar with Gough and Millar's work through their time in Smallville and  Aquaman: Pilot. I was so excited that they were taking this on. I had a feeling it was going to be one edgy ride and while I was watching the movie, I could feel their SV touch in the dialogues. *grins* I thought the action sequences had just enough - omf power, tempered under D.J. Caruso's confident direction, who also worked in Smallville in the episode "Shimmer" which was one of my highlights in the show.

I was nearly expecting a Transformer-type action bang especially when the Mogs unleashed their alien bats and I was glad it wasn't too much. There was enough room given to show some of emotional side to the story that would stick to the viewer's mind like the dinner scene at Sarah's home, John's non-vocal expression of possibly wanting to experience what it was like with a family,  Bernie (the beagle) a chimera battled against the alien bat when he saw his master, John was down for a moment and John revealing to Sam (a new friend) about his alien nature.

Timothy Olyphant who I just love in Justified and after seeing him "Perfect Getaway" (a movie that I like to get a personal VCD copy), it sealed the deal to keep this guy under my list of actors to watch out for. *grins* Olyphant took the role of Henri who is/was John's mentor and protector. I was really hoping that he would be around longer though and I was really curious about the connection he has with Sam's father. Without giving anything away, I can't tell whether I wanted the succinct version of the explanation and sacrifice screen time for a longer exposition. Oh, well, perhaps the book will fill me in.

Jake Abel, man - I kept saying to myself where have I seen this guy and then it hit me: Supernatural, then  Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief but I remember him most in Supernatural (despite his short recurring appearance) I thought he managed to kick a lot of his acting muscles there). I thought the role of Mark suited him and I like that a character growth came from being a jock/bully to someone who eventually can be trusted.  Another actor to watch out for in my list.

Alex Pettyfer - all grown up from Stormbreaker was the lead and I thought he did well with the role. I'm looking forward to the movie sequel if ever. I haven't seen much of his work so I'm pretty curious. Dianna Agron (Glee) was good here. I think she contrasted Six too yet I was expecting the experience after the face-off in the school would have changed her a bit and not revert back to the Sarah we saw before the Mogs came into town. Hmmm.....

I think I sort of drove my mom to the brink when I told her I wanted to watch the rerun, all because of Callan McAuliffe who portrayed Sam in the movie. *turns into fangirl mode for the moment* I thought he and Bernie (the beagle) were scene stealers. McAuliffe just went straight in my breakout actors list. *grins*

Teresa Palmer as Number Six was a good pick. I would like to see more of her interaction between the other guys. I thought it was quite  interesting to see how Sarah felt left out now when she saw Six in action. I thought Agron expressing that self-consciousness clearly on her face, gave such a sharp contrast between her and Six. Sarah didn't hold that expression when she was with Sam when  they try to stay alive inside the school while Four and Six faced off with the Mogs. I was chuckling when Six said that if Sam slowed them down, she was going to shoot him and Sam not with one to say nothing but sort of lamely said that he believed her.

I wonder what was the significance of offing the Lorien children by order, Mogs are known for meticulousness? I guess it was in the book that I have yet to get a copy. *grinz*

The soundtrack complemented the feel of the movie. I recommend this to anyone in search of teen-led cast with a big dose of X-files too.


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