Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Last Airbender: Noah Ringer at the ATA Tournament 2012

I was checking out a couple of my faves martial artists' Facebook pages and actor/ TKD practitioner Noah Ringer posted a very nice pic on his wall where from the looks of it, was taken during his autograph signing. 

The Last Airbender movie poster was behind him, similar to the one on the right but with certain changes. 

The poster at the ATA  Roklin, CA event carried names of the honored guests from the American Taekwondo Association. I wish there was another shot of the poster so we can full see what the rest of the tag said. I can only make out "Owes Martial Arts" and "...regionals"

Side note: I also found The Last Airbender Manga which I wrote a review.

I was curious about the event and viewed a couple of clips on Belt Testing. I think this was in Concord.

Made me miss that part of me. :D Given the length of time, yeah, I'd be going for this level too. Good times. 

I'm not included here although it had been a goal of mine. :D The 2009 Philippine Taekwondo Jins. Cheers!

Link to the Philippine Taekwondo Association Facebook


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