Monday, March 14, 2011

Can you survive without Farmville?

Rapunzel's Tower in Farmville
First there was e-mail - do you still remember how you can't part away from the computer during those times  when more households were connected to the Internet or internet cafes sprouted overnight?

Now funnily, Farmville woke up a gamer's side of me that I never thought existed.  It's one of the online games found in Facebook. Sure, you know this social media, right? *wink* or if you belong to those people who was not been bitten by curiosity to check out Farmville, good for you and I hope you'll never find out the online craze. Ha-ha.

I wonder what would be the next best thing in the next ten years. Maybe, we'll actually use up the alphabet and there will be yPhone and zPhone too. Ha-ha.

Clock Tower
I never thought there would come a day that I will encounter an online game that snared my attention this badly. I was never a fan of online games and don't play those MMRPG games or even the Xbox games series. I guess it does depend on one's preferences.

The Game 
Fire and Ice Rose crops
About Farmville, as the title indicates, you build a farm, plant crops, gather animals, buy and build buildings, fruit-bearing trees, harvest crops, trees etc. All these activities will gain you experience points so you will be able to level up and increase your money too. How I wish the virtual money have on Farmville can be exchange for real money too. Lolz. Maybe in another dimension something like that can happen.

A couple of years later at level 73, I'm still playing the game but it will be quite a while before I can even surpass my friend who's at level 92 and to think that I invited her belatedly into the game. She was fast all right.

The novelty of Farmville is still there since the programmers are also constantly adding new things on the game such as expansions of the storage buildings and adding themed objects to the farm like Rapunzel's Tower or the Shamrock cottage, a magnificent forest horse and not only that, they've released a lot of intriguing crops to grow too. There are some crops that you need to master first before acquiring a unique crop, which was a good feature to add and I'm glad they're changing things up so the game doesn't become too monotonous to play.  Right now, I'm enjoying the orchards feature and the greenhouse where you can mix crops to yield new, fascinating crops (such as Sun Poppies, Purple Tomatoes etc) that will help in leveling up fast. Plus there are new trees every other month (more or less). It depends if it's Fairy Tale like last month. Here are some of the new trees.

Time Management
Porch swing set
I won't lie the game can encroach on your time so it was just finding the right crop to plant and come back to the game in time of harvest. There are a number of four-day crops. I used to plant all of those and mastered all of them before going to the three-day crops. Of course, there will be days that you won't be online to 'tend' the farm and find all crops (except trees) have withered. That used to bother me a lot but fortunately, I got rid of that mode of mine. Ha-ha. If it withered, it withered. There was nothing to do unless your neighbors have dropped by and un-withered all of them.*grinz*

In the end, enjoy the game with fellow FV neighbors (your friends). Who knew your friend from college or high school dig this game too and yes, I can survive without Farmville. *grins*
Crab shack


  1. Yes, I am hooked, well i guess at level 112 you could say I'm hooked, lol.

  2. PS I have been playing just a little over a year now - it was a year at Christmas.

  3. Really! Level 112? :) I wonder how far this game will go. I guess if the programmers are continually tinkering on it, sky's the limit. :☺


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