Sunday, November 9, 2008

Plastic! Winchesters Theater

Oh, I have missed visiting Anteka's blog for the daily dose of creativity and injected fun into this project as she gave us weekly adventures of the Plastic! Winchesters. If you're an SN fan and haven't stumbled into her site yet, go check her Plastic!Winchesters Theater now. *grinz*

I found her site in a mailing list I was on (a couple years back) and have followed through her creations until halfway of Season 2 when RL begged attention and other preoccupations led me elsewhere. Now, I've come back because I think I need to be in touch with some inspiration to get my own creative juices pumping for my other pending projects. Lolz. What are those projects? Well, some of them that I like to get back are:
  1. To continue my Photoshop creations for TCP (The Charmed Paladins)
  2. To add scenes to my neophyte screenplays
  3. To repaint my room but with my allergies, I don't know how's that going to happen
  4. To add to my one poem per month plan - so far, nothing yet
Anyway, maybe by revisiting her site and re-reading her stories will send a touch of inspiration my way. Besides, I'm also looking forward to the additions she has done too.

I remember listening to her behind-the-scenes audio files before and it was just amazing how she thought of turning it into successful tie-in show. Who would have thought finding several naked barbie dolls, a mini-sized computer, a karaoke machine, which at one PWT episode, Sam belted out a song... "My Heart Will Go On", would become like this with a loyal following to boot. Then, there's the designing of the motel rooms, the Impala and meeting the evil Carebears to fairies! Even Plastic! Aragon even makes his appearance. Hahaha.

Speaking of Aragon, there was a time, I wanted to make something like this but LOTR style? Back then, I had finished two LOTR stories of a 5-part story. I wanted to do some still shots using the LOTR action figures and add captions from the finished stories. Unfortunately, finding an affordable LOTR action figures was challenging in the financial department. If there was an LOTR collector living in my neighborhood then I'm sure the project would've worked and I could present it to the The Philippine Tolkien Society (TPTS).

Back to Plastic! Winchesters.... *smiles* Here's an interview done by CW.


  1. Lovin' the Plastic Winchesters site! Speaking of, I can't wait 'til you finish off Season 3 and jet on to Season 4. You're going to LOVE ~ Castiel ~. Misha Collins (the actor) is as charming and cool as ever. What could've been better than having a warrior angel by the Winchesters' side?

  2. Warrior angel? Wow, that is indeed great to have on their side. I'm curious how she was be introduced into the story. Do you still remember my idea for SN of warrior angels disguising as bikers to help the brothers? *grinz* Since we last talked about it, I haven't gone further in the story. Heeee.

  3. I forgot to mention that Castiel is a guy. LOL. Yes, I do remember your idea. I still keep it with me. You could squeeze Castiel in if you're still writing it. A group of fans have agreed to a ~ Castiel ~ spin-off. That'd be cool to follow his story along with his brother angels. ;) I personally think it'd be great for Ruby to tag along.

  4. Castiel is a guy. Lolz. Spin-off? Oh, that would a good idea. The Winchesters bros would also have some character appearances in this spin-off. Yes, Ruby would be a good addition too. Were there more revelations around Castiel? I still haven't had the chance to read any summaries from SN S4.

  5. While we don't know what the future holds for Castiel, we've gotten enough proof that this warrior angel is trustworthy. He was the one who helped Dean out of hell's trap.

    Yes, having the Winchesters showing up once in a while in a Castiel spin-off would be great. LOL.

    Here's a brief look at Castiel if you're free: Scrolling down the page will give you access to lots of creative Castiel avatars.

    Oh, Misha Collins (the actor) once guest-starred in Season 2 of "Charmed" as Phoebe's love (the Alcatraz Island episode).

    As for the Plastic Winchesters site, I haven't viewed the episodes but they look really ambitious. xD

  6. Oh, I'm checking out the link for my first look of Castiel. There's this picsam of our warrior angel. The avatars are kewl. He was on Charmed too? *smiles*


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