Wednesday, October 29, 2008

After Lunch break...

One of the scenarios my mind imagined happened when Irene and I, with several other people from the 4th floor ventured inside the elevator. Can you guess?

It wasn't like a scene from Speed where a bad guy rigged the elevator (although that'll be frightening) instead the elevator froze when it reached our floor and the doors won't obligingly open for us so we could get off. Now, it was fortunate the janitor accompanied us so he managed to keep a near hysterical girl from going into a full panic mode and no, it wasn't me. But I have to tell you, when you have someone in very close quarters in panic, it was hard not to feel panicky too. I think I've squeezed Irene's arm a couple of times as a measure of assurance that the other hysterical girl won't be the death of me. Lolz.

Why was the elevator stuck? We don't know. We only heard that it was being fixed that morning and by lunch time, the technician told us that they've repaired it. So, we took his word and there, we're stuck. We tried our cellphones to call the guard on the ground floor but we all had no signals. Man, with all the high-end phones inside that metal cart, none had signals! The emergency bell was disable so we couldn't alert the technician. The janitor pushed an incorrect button, which plunged the car into darkness and stopping the fans that feed air into the small cabin. The act drove the panicky girl, edgy. She managed to calm down with the help of her friends who were doing their best to calm her down with a joke or two. Fortunately, the technician must have a 6th sense with the problematic elevator and he pried the doors open with his tools. We were shouting in relief! Irene and I ended up coming in late for our next class but our instructor was understanding so we were good.


  1. That panicky girl didn't end up fainting, did she? There was also a similar incident in my campus a few weeks back where some of my classmates got stuck in a lift. They had to miss a class because of that. There was this easygoing but lazy guy in my class who didn't come back after the break. We thought he duck out, but it turned out he was caught up in the lift. We all laughed when we found that out.

  2. No, the panicky girl didn't faint, thank goodness. When Irene and I came to our next class we were already half an hour late. Our mentor along with several of our classmates laughed when we told them.


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