Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First day of classes!

So, I've enrolled yesterday at one of MTC academy branches and attended my first day of class this morning. I met Ces (BS Nutrition grad), Cres ( BS Accountancy grad), Linda ( a registered nurse) Glo, Alex and Irene. They were very nice and very chatty which helped eased my overwhelmed emotions. It was strange to feel this way when all I've been thinking of for over a year was taking this training course. Now, that I'm here, I feel indifferent.

My enthusiasm has hid itself under a rock leaving me during the orientation, with some frayed nerves, which was enough to send me in a panic mode!

I think I was having an information overload this afternoon while I listened to the stories of the other MT students who were a month or so ahead of me. Our mentor shared to the class newbies (Irene and I) what to expect within the training course. I suddenly wondered if I was doing the right thing. I've already mentally berated myself why I hadn't got around to sending my CV first to the person my mom said I should get in touch if I was interested to go abroad. I was so caught up about leaving my job and was also thinking too much of MT and the path I could take after finishing MT (take up summer classes on screenwriting at the International Academy of Film and Television) that I didn't realize e-mailing this individual was also important. Argh. I will have to wait until I finish this course then I'll contact the person because I can't leave MT when I've started with it. I hope I'll be able to receive some good news in the overseas front.

My first session was typing and this will continue till Friday, which will be a slew of typing exams. Not enough time. Again, I've chided myself why I didn't maintain my WPM (words per minute) since Typing was a part of our curriculum back in college. While I'm fairly fast now, our instructor said, "a 300+ wpm" will have to be attained by the end of the six month course. I'll keep positive thoughts that I'll be able to type that fast. *taps finger on table*

I don't know if this Friday too, where Irene and I
will meet the doctor-instructor for the medical lab transcription session. The schedule was mentioned earlier by our mentor but it has slipped my mind.

The 15 modules are with me so I'll be browsing through the pages (perhaps module 1 and 2 since their thicker) to speed up the acclimatization into the world of Medical Transcription.


  1. Nervous breakdowns are normal. You'll be able to relax now that you've gotten to know your classmates. ;)

    Who is this person from overseas that you feel you should've been in touch with earlier on? Maybe you could drop the person a line just to gather some information that might be useful for future references. What job is it, and where is it located?

    I've heard of that film school. The website shows how professional it is. Are you still up for the screenwriting course once you're done with MT?

  2. It's job opportunity in Canada. I still can't decide because what if he asks me at the drop of the hat, to start packing when I haven't finished MT yet? I don't want to blow the chance too.

    Yes, I'm still going to attend the screenwriting class once I'm done with MT.

  3. Fair enough. Take all the time you need. No rush. Where in Canada did you get the job offer? British Columbia? Ontario?

  4. Ontario although I'm hoping for a Vancouver post too. *smiles*


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