Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After a while...

I took tonight to go online (finally) since I lost my episode guide for Stargate: SG-1, which I printed last night. While on the subject of Stargate, I visited Ask the Authors (Fandimonium) thread

This is such a great thread! I didn't know there was one here! This was a good idea made by the poster and I'm glad the mods made it a "sticky note" in the forums. I would like to post a question in the future too. Hopefully, when I've finished reading the 74+ pages, a question will pop up. I hope the authors are still around to answer some questions from very recent fans. Lolz. At the moment, I'm in page 2 and reading all these interesting questions and answers. It was also from this thread that I found out there will be two upcoming SGA books. Yay! One, Stargate Atlantis: Nightfall , which is due this coming November and the other is Stargate Atlantis: Angelus. I can't wait!

On other things, I had finished our major exam for Dermatology specialty and our doctor-lecturer showed our exam results. Hmm, I need more improvement on the Anatomy and Physiology section in the future exams while maintaining or even go for a higher points for the rest of the exam sections such as Pharmacology, Medical Terminology, Health Records, Treatment etc. We had an impromptu group guiz this afternoon (we were divided by twos) and Glo and I came out with a decent score thanks so much to Nina too.

My forays to the transcription world was challenging. I was transcribing since yesterday and I've managed to polish three chart notes. I still have 12 or so files to transcribe. The accents of the dictators have surprised me. Let's just say, my ears weren't as keen as I thought. I have a British accent dermatologist and an American one so far.

Irene also found her transcription files difficult to transcribe. It seemed doctors have the habit of drowning the medical terms by shuffling papers around their desks (the voice recorder picked it up with no problems), or by speaking very fast (not clearly enunciated most of the times) or an intrusive click-clack of someone's high-heeled shoes in the background.

She wished we had those high-end computers from the tv show CSI-NY, where a software removes the ambient sounds and allows more tweaking on the dictator's voice to understand the words. Of course, we can't request something like that. I'll have to train my ears for tomorrow's activity.


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