Friday, October 3, 2008

Near Mishap!

I was too slow but it was a good thing, Mom was able to recover her balance.

Time slowed all right and even my reflexes weren't quick. *mental note to self**Be extra aware when Mom tags along.* We were heading to the Jeepney stop and Mom couldn't stand waiting and rushed off to a jeepney that was trundling by. It was at this moment, her foot was caught at the jutted piece of broken up pavement square slap. If she hadn't regain her balance, she would have slammed against the jeepney just coming to a halt beside her. I nearly freaked out! And the traffic police officer didn't so much as to pull her out of the way. He was closer to her than I was! His reflexes were non-existent! Yet, they loved to give tickets jeepney drivers 'not following' traffic rules.

The near-accident scene was set like a video-loop inside my head and it sickened me. It took a while for it to get out of my system. Mom would have ended in the hospital with a gash on her head or worse. I'm thanking her guardian angels for this.


  1. It was a shock to read this entry. I'm glad your mom's doing fine.

  2. Thanks. It will one of those memories that I won't ever forget.


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