Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last Thursday, I was given the topic to report in class next week. My topic's about "Colonic Adenocarcoma."

Okay, I was given seven guide questions to help me with my report. Yet, I still feel I don't know where to start.
  1. Define the following medical terms: a) colorectal carcinoma b) polyposis c) oncogene d) tumor marker e) colostomy f) adjuvant therapy 7) down-staging
  2. Discuss the epidemiology of colorectal carcinoma. What are the risk factors for the disease?
  3. What are the signs and symptoms of colonic carcinoma? How is a left-sided colonic cancer different from a right-sided colonic cancer in terms of presentation?
  4. What are the various screening and diagnostic test used for colonic cancer?
  5. Discuss the Duke's tagging system for colonic cancer. What are the 5-year survival rates based on the stage?
  6. Discuss the different surgical approaches tot remove colon cancer-left and right hemicolectomy, transverse colectomy, sigmoidectomy and Mile's abdominoperineal resection.
  7. Discuss chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment for colonic cancer. What are the commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs for colon cancer? What are the common side effects of chemotherapy?
And I'll using PowerPoint, which I've forgotten how this program works. Aargh. It's a good thing Monday has been announced as a holiday but then my friend Connie has invited me to her birthday party! I've said to her before that I'm not sure if I'm going to make it because we have our usual weekly modular exams too. She wasn't very thrilled with my answer. Sorry, mate. I'll see if I can drop be at her place for just a couple of hours and I do have a gift for her too, to brighten her day. She's a huge fan of CSI:NY and I was fortunate to have found this mag! *smiles* I hope her fave actor, Eddie Cahill has an interview inside. I didn't open the mag from its plastic cover to find out. I think there's a nice poster of the cast though as seen in the corner left photo. I apologized for the less HD picture.


  1. Wow, that sure is a complex topic, but hopefully you'll be able to work it out, along with the PowerPoint issue.

    I used to be a PowerPoint expert but now I'm suffering from a long term memory. I do remember how to put music on a slide, though. Just find the "INSERT" menu and click on 'Sound'. But I don't think the teacher's going to recommend it? =p

    Maybe you can pop by at your friend's party for half an hour and then leave? Nevertheless, it's great that you put a lot of thought into finding the perfect gift.

    See you after your big presentation. If you need a coffee break inbetween the preparation, feel free to swing by my online spot:

    "Old Style Groove" ~


  2. Did you know, I'm also re-listening to our recorded lectures on Pulmonology while I'm researching (at the same time)for answers to the guide questions our doctor-lecturer gave me? I had to stop the first part of the lecture because I was getting a headache.

    I've finally understood the rudimentary workings of PowerPoint last night + a couple of text messages to Connie to help me out. You've also helped since I didn't know about the inserting sound. I was thinking of inserting a video clip to show a colostomy operation but I'll set that aside for now. I have 21 slides made. I haven't trimmed down the report yet, in fact, these were from the definition of terms section of the report! I included pictures for better understanding of the terms.

    Half an hour is a good idea to visit Connie. At my pace, I'm not halfway through finishing this. I do hope I'll get this done by the afternoon.

    I'm definitely swinging by you online spot, girl. :D

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  4. How was the ice tea break? Hopefully it has freshened you up.
    You're right. Including videos will make the presentation more interesting.

    It's great that you've worked things out. I'm sure Connie will appreciate your effort in picking the right gift for her. Thank you for swinging by my spot and posting heaps of vids. I'm also adding your blog link to my visited sites section.

    Just an update: I'm moving to Pasadena on Dec 20 (if I haven't told you yet). My friend from LA will crash at my place for vacation on Dec 16, so I'll be tagging along with her when she returns.

  5. And if you get things done on time (which I hope you will), you'll get to make it to her b'day. xD All the best.

  6. The tea break was badly needed. I hope I didn't overload you with those videos. I'm trying to move fast my report here so I can trim it already.

    I think you mentioned about the move before but there wasn't an exact date yet. :) Can't believe December just around the bend!

  7. Yes, you definitely need a lot of tea breaks to keep you on a roll. LOL. Don't worry, those videos made my day. Feel free to post more. ;)

    Speaking of, when is your Christmas break coming? If "Twilight" is still playing in the theatres, go and watch it. xD It's pretty much what people are talking about over here.

    Yes, time flies, does it?

  8. Speaking of videos, I've posted one where Jensen lip synced to the song "Eye of the tiger"!

    Oh, I would like to watch Twilight but there's no cinema in town that strictly enforces, "Silence Please". Hahaha.


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