Friday, February 25, 2011

Taking “Chore” out of the House chores

Love not to like… Chores
Meta-description: Gearing for a face-off with those house chores and you don’t want to feel defeat or even think it will be turn in a very long day, why not snatch up some summery tunes to lighten up your day and pass the hours with only thoughts of sun, sand, and fun!

“House chores again!”

This has been the most common complaint made both by the young and the not-so-old individuals.

We can’t escape it.

It won’t go away if we don’t take action.  Instead, it will only pile up.

Weekend arrives or any free day away from school or from the office and we start to grumble. When we are faced with the household chores that takes in form of mountain high laundry, scrubbing the kitchen and the bathroom titles, changing out the bed sheets, vacuuming the carpet, clearing out the clutter, mowing the lawn to trimming the shrubs and others. Chores will always make us balk at the thought of doing any of them.

Let’s face it; it can be tedious, right?  Moreover, when things are tedious we normally put them off for a later date. Whether we like it or not, we still need to get them done to keep our homes order.  

Want to make a day filled with chores pass with ease?

Why not load your iPod with a play list filled with energy-boosting tunes to make you forget that you’re actually doing household chores.

Just make sure you still have an ear-out lest your mother or your significant other calls for help around the house.

The selection process

Choose music with vibrant beats and lively tunes. Song tracks that will not put to you asleep but will get you moving into the groove and chase away the lethargic thoughts of a doom-filled day stuck doing the chores. 

Infuse the activity with adrenaline-pumping vocals that will make you think of summer, sun, and sand. 

If you feel you’re struggling in compiling a great play list, here are several songs to start…

Summer Love by David Tavare - Welcome Spanish singer David Tavare as he sings this hit song that has become a popular soundtrack of summer tunes in discotheques and cafes.

Hot Summer Night (feat 2 Eivissa) by David Tavare - This is also a catchy summer tune from David Tavare. Let him entice summer back to your day and fill your thoughts with fun and energy.

Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts - The opening of track beckons you to be on your feet and join the party!

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams - A list is not complete with this all-time favorite track when summer holidays are around the corner.

Summertime by DJ Jazzy and Fresh Prince - This Will Smith track from back way when we all knew him as the Fresh Prince from Bel-Air is cool addition as you reminisce your own summer days.

Summertime of our Lives by A1 – An energetic song from Mark Read, Ben Adam, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Paul Marazzi known as A1, one of 1990’s hit Britpop boy band.

Summer of Love by Steps - This is a lovely summery track from Claire, H, Lisa, Faye and Lee known as Steps. This Britpop group is known for (as you guessed it), easy-to-follow dance steps!

5,6,7,8 by Steps - This run-away square dance song is from the same Brit group. Wear your most colorful tops and skirts or shorts and tap away. You will just want to follow the cool dance steps.

Viva La Fiesta by S Club 7 – Salsa into the groove with this Latin-flair track from S Club 7.  Meet Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens, and Tina Barnett. This Britpop group also starred in their own shows, which took them to Miami, Florida, Los Angeles and finally ending in Barcelona.  

It’s a Feel Good Thing by S Club 7 - Another summer inspired-track from the group that takes you to the dancing floor. Rev your dancing feet and glow with the flow. That’s right, glow with fun energy. 

 Reach by S Club 7 – Jo’s infectious sweet, assuring voice takes you in from the first stanza of the song followed by each of the members sharing vocal chores letting the song swell further.  

The Cup of Life by Ricky Martin – One of Ricky Martin’s run-away hits that will make you cheer for your favorite FIFA team.

Remixes are also a good source of spicing up songs that gave them an extra kick in their already charged rhythms.

Before you know it; you’ll be twirling to the music across the kitchen floor or use that mop as a mike stand inside the garage, as you belt out along with your favorite music artists. You’ll be surprise how the hours went by infused with fun and enjoyment.  



  1. I've definitely used my iPod many times to make chores go more quickly. Especially when I'm doing yard work.

  2. Magic of music keeps even routine boredom at bay. ☺


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