Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Started....

This rainy night seemed to be a perfect start for my first entry. I see this site has changed since the last time I was here, which was during the height of Lord of the Rings movies. What? Eight years ago? I could be wrong. I don't have readily opened to the particular films section, so I'm guessing.

I have couple of blogs floating in cyberspace too and depending on my mood I visit and update them. *looks around for a smiley icon* It can stretch this girl's spare time too thin though.

September is almost over and I'll leaving my previous day job to hop back to the student role by October *cross fingers* and embark in a different profession. I won't say it just yet or until I finish the short course (six months). I might jinx myself. *lolz* Okay, so not thinking that. Of course, some of ya dear friends know it anyway. This is a new adventure for me and I'm looking forward to the change of scenery.

Next Monday, will be my final (exit) *interview* with my boss. The last of the turn-over then its off to send an e-card for everyone at the office. I was going to do it tonight but I was attracted to setting up this blog. Somehow tonight, I needed to do this. Am I looking for a therapy? Haha

My boss asked me to bring any pertinent files to the meeting that needs attention and I've been going over the records for any that might have slipped through my steel net. Yup, one actually got past it, so I have to deal with it tomorrow. *sigh*

This afternoon, since our marketing person will be taking over my duties, we've been clearing out my cabinet. The motions brought a feeling of finality. Weird. Since last year I couldn't stay any longer and now I'm caught in between whether this was the right thing to do or I was hasty with my decision. Hasty? I need a grip. Circumstances have sprung up and let's just say, I need greener pastures if I'm to help around in the monetary department.

It doesn't ease the feeling of my other officemates sparing me glances though. I may not have actually seen it but I could feel them watching me, unobtrusively.

I'm glad I'll be moving to the next step of possible growth (changing career paths) and find more sense of accomplishment too. I hope I don't feel stuck ever again in my life.


  1. Pawprints on your blog. My first comments LOL. This is such a powerful, thought-provoking entry. If you believe that this is the right choice, don't worry about stepping into a whole new world. Seeing your surroundings from a different perspective is not only refreshing but also inspiring. It can teach you stuff that you probably may have missed out on before. I wish you the best for your exit interview and your next life journey.

  2. Thanks, Jules. After stepping back just a little, took off some of the pressure I was feeling since submitting my resignation letter. I'm looking forward to be released from the constant worry of what I'm leaving behind in terms of work related stuffs and move forward again.


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