Sunday, September 28, 2008

A trip down the memory lane...

Yesterday, I spent most of the morning down in our basement searching for dad's mechanical and engineering books. I was able to find most of the titles he asked for except for two remaining titles that are still unaccounted for.

In between the intervening time of looking for the books (all kept in the lockers and cabinets) I stumbled across mine. I found I have several high school and college books in storage, which brought back memories.

The memorable memories from high school were when I was late for my first subject (General Sciences) in my Freshman year. Our group was the first up to report on Solar Energy. I remembered my group mates paced inside the science room as they waited for me to arrive. I could see them from the doorway as I ran up the remaining steps. Then another memory for one afternoon in our Maths class, then the graded recitations from our Biology class, the microscope blooper then my classmate being late for our Music class. There were others but these were the ones that stood out. When I got to my college books, memories from my stay in the dormitory intruded in my mind.

Here, the memories of a certain girl on my floor who loved pulling pranks on us was the instant thing I can recall. She liked to scare people by making spooky voices or just randomly bang against the shower room door if she found one to be taking the shower room all ALONE. Yep, I wasn't lucky to escape from her moods. It was a good thing, I didn't attack her with my flashlight. I had it with me because electricity would go off in the most unexpected times.

I was amazed to still find the old books in the lockers. I knew I had sent batches to the thrift shop for sale and to the book drive I spotted at the mall, a couple years back. I need to find another book drive. *grinz*


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