Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet Cottonball

The newest member! At the times like this, I so need a new cam.  Ack! I hope I'll be able to see little Cottonball soon. His mother has the habit of transferring him. I don't know if the mother and son visit our neighbors houses. 

Tripp likes to play tag with Cottonball, much to this little one's exasperation since he's too small to tag back. I think Tripp thinks Cottonball's a furry rat. Lolz.

Cottonball was more likely to tumble and flipped too hard by Tripp. There was an instance when  I heard this poor furball shrieked twice. Tsk...tsk. 

Tripp still adorable (lolz)
High-energy Tripp.  He poked his nosy face at the plants when I was transplanting that day this was taken. He likes to get in the way too. It was so funny when he found a spider. He chased and pounced at it. Clearly looking for a playmate. Hahha


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