Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh... fantastic beads!

I haven't started this craft yet and just been doing the customary look-see mode for several months. I'm itching to follow a design but first thing's first. I have to get acquainted with the tools and where to get them. I don't know if the local craft store carries this. All I can see from their displays are materials for Cross-stitching. I wonder if I'll be needing a beadboard? There was one youtube free beading instruction video that was posted over there and the facilitator used the beadboard to help her map out the length of the bead bracelet she was going to make. It seemed very helpful to have. Then there were several beadmakers I've watched at the mall, who don't use it all. I guess they've been doing it for quite some time, they don't need it.

I found this magazine three months ago. Following the designs will be a labor of love all right. Watch out for this space for a beading debut. Lolz. Well, after I get all materials and tools. 
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I hope I won't be needing a magnifying glass like this one because I do know I easily strain my eyes from staring at the computer for most of the day. Okay. Time for a break! 

There are some fabulous sites that I can't get enough visiting them! A couple of my faves are: Beading Daily and Jewelry Making Daily

So it's time to rest these eyes!


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