Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ordinary Miracles

A five minute skit I wrote for a group activity
Back one summer day when I was seven years old I asked myself, what I was that something in me which was unique and felt right? I felt everyone on Earth was given a purpose. 

I've never thought much about it because I was too young to understand what happened. It was only recently that I dwelt on this memory and was encouraged. From that quiet moment,  I remember feeling a warmth cascading down on me, encircling me before the word "story" flashed through my mind. 

It was very heartening when I stumbled upon Ordinary Miracles today and read  When God Calls You To Write. More thoughts to think about and a wonderful encouragement if you found yourself stuck.

My previous Anthropology professor asked the room: Do we live to exist or do we exist to live?


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