Saturday, June 4, 2011

Computer Problems and other things....

My friend's Orchards
Getting back on here after contending with computer problems and a slew of work- related issues  prevented me from checking on blogs here. *grinz*  Oh, then Farmville unleashed sheep breeding, pig breeding, English Country Farm, and orchards.  *smile*

Rainbow Tree and Giant Heart Tree
I've been trying to order my trees like my friend's, so far I've accomplished halfway of ordering my home farm. I love the trees.

The Rainbow Tree, the Giant Heart Tree and a glimpse of Farmville's Stonehenge is from the English Country Farm and yes, you have the option of having simultaneous farms growing or decide to pause  whichever farm you want to work on first. 

Remember Prince Will and Kate's Wedding? Well, Farmville wasn't behind and released beautiful trees in connection of the occasion and one quest too. I've already deleted the wedding tent to make room for Lady Gaga's album launch but I saved the trees.

Two Wedding Trees, English Roses, Pink Carnations, The Royal Tree (the yellow one), a Cream Draft Horse, a smithy's place. I think that's a Juniper tree (near the stone bench), the trunk of the Giant Mardi Gras Tree,  Key Lime Trees, some more of Stonehenge, the Knights' Round Table hidden behind the trees, and the moat.

The Trees after harvest. You just see the Knights' round table, more of the smithy's place, Aster flower beds, the crown of the Giant Golden Apple Trees, and the Giant Lucky Cookie Tree. I'll have to get a picture of that one next. 


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