Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Economics Project

I remember toiling to produce at least a decent dress, an apron, a skirt, a bias for a blouse  and  had to learn how to use the vintage sewing machine. Our's, I think have been carted off to the recycler's years ago when we moved house. This photo is from Treadle Quilts.She has an amazing site about quilts, do check it out. :)

So have you saved at least one surviving Home Eco project from school for posterity sake? Well, I managed and I hope it will last several more years to come.  :D

My Home Eco project

I had this pic stored in my computer last year and never got around to post something about until I visited Toni's Favorite Things blog. It has her beautiful doilies that made me nostalgic and wanted to share my little crochet project. I used to have several others but they were all destroyed when the basement was flooded by one of the super typhoons that hit the country. Fortunately, this ribbon was kept inside ziplock bag and was stored in the second drawer.  There's a clip attached to the ribbon, which I wasn't able to take a shot. :D 


  1. Wow Raine, your bow is so pretty! Why don't you try crocheting again? Knowing how talented you are, you can tackle so many beautiful things. And thank you so much for mentioning my blog. And by the way, we had also a vintage sewing machine very similar to the photo you posted. I was asking my mother if it's possible to get it back from the person to whom she gave the sewing machine, but she said to just buy a new one.

    Take care!

  2. Thank, Toni. Funny, because this morning, I even wondered if I can still follow the instructions from a crochet book. I've forgotten what the squiggly things represent now. It does feel kind of fun to go back. I don't know if my eyes are that keen tho. I think I need to buy the magnifying glass with an arm. The one that you can clip or screw on the desk. :)


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