Sunday, August 14, 2011

Andrea Corr in Manila and a moment for Sunday Scans

By Dayly Entertainment
Another Irish wave! ☺ I don't think I can afford this monthly gig of mine. Haha. Goodness, I remembered years ago that I seriously burned holes in my pockets when acts such as The Corrs,

From Upper Box A section

Patron Area Row H 
and British-Norwegian group A1 came to the country in a span 

A1 in Araneta 6th row, my cropping made it far
of months of each other in the same year! I so wanted to burn my credit card bill. Lolz. Well, I'm glad A1 came later in the year because I was booked for two dates for their concerts and there was that thing called airfare, which I wasn't totally minding. Oh, the fun it was it go out and enjoy your time with friends.

I'm looking forward to A1's latest album, Waiting for Daylight. Hearing the snippets of the new tracks played on their site made me think how much they've grown musically. It Happens Every Day, Bad Enough, Take You Home, Six Feet Under  are just among the tracks that spoke of the vocal growth, in my humble opinion as a fan. ☺ Although the track Good Things Bad People teases me as a listener that this song has  more meat in it that brings more flavor to the whole album. Ahhh, I want to buy the album.  

Lastly, it's Sunday and it's one  for the Sunday Scans. *sighs* Seeing these pictures makes me nostalgic and it also reminds me that it's really high time to make the most of what I can to reach my screenwriting goal on other my blog Passages of the Pen, which deals with my writing prompts gathered from sites or anything connected to screenplay and on the side, books.  ☺


  1. cool! andrea's coming? i'm so behind with what's going on around. i've also watched the corrs years back. come to think of it, that was the last secular concert i've seen. i'm planning to see china crisis. anyway... thanks for sharing this nice info. something to look forward to. =)

  2. @Pia You can visit Dayly Entertainment Facebook link,which I've highlighted under the caption. Yeah, I've heard about China Crisis too coming. :D No prob.

  3. It sounds like fun. I love live music, although I tend towards slightly older acts...

  4. @Al *grinz* It is no matter how much grown up fans can still scream their lungs out to the point drowning the music. Hahha.


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