Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hallmark Treat: Three Weeks Three Kids

Twenty-five-year-old Jennifer Mills (Anna Chlumsky) lives her life without commitment, relieved her boyfriend isn’t even close to putting a ring on her finger. Not at all like her older sister, Mandy (Chelah Horsdal), who married young and settled into family life, Jennifer loves being carefree. But her mother, Kathryn (Susan Hogan), sees Jennifer’s wild ways as a fear of settling down, and hatches a secret plan to take her from playful to parent in just three weeks. When Mandy and her husband plan a three-week European vacation without their three kids, Kathryn convinces Jennifer to help watch them until she can get into town.

Jennifer quickly finds out playing house isn’t for kids. It doesn't take long for Jennifer realize she has to go from cool aunt to strict parent if she’s going to keep her sister’s trust. But, with a little help from the handsome new neighbor across the street, Will (Warren Christie), Jennifer manages to pull it together to prove to everyone, and even herself, that taking responsibility can be rewarding.

It was great seeing Anna Chlumsky back and she looked at ease as she portrayed Jennifer Mills in the movie. Man, I wish I had her boss, Charlie Marshall (portrayed by Garry Chalk), head of a local graphics/advertising  company. He was very considerate and understanding for giving her that much time off from work. I wonder if Jennifer's mom had anything to do with it. However, it wasn't shown so it was left to the viewer's imagination. I was giggling when older sister Mandy (the mom) has the children's life put together, tagged, coded and highlighted in an instruction manual AKA the clear book. Wow. I have friends with kids and they said it was almost similar at their households when they have the in-laws to take care of their kids. 

I thought it was good the 'catty' debate between the sisters was reeled in because when it wasn't it can be annoying and destroys the scene to the point that it can flail the pace too. 

Enter the possible love interest, although I had a feeling that they might end up together, Jennifer was seeing someone who she will reconsider after a disappointing remark from the guy. Okay, back to the love interest.... hahaha....Warren Christie was very appealing as he walked the shoes of Will, the neighbor and apparently can whip a meal at the drop of a hat since he used to be an owner of a resto (just from the small reveal through the dialgoue). He seemed to have easily shed off the bad guy persona that I usually see him cast in. This of course, piqued my interest and every scene he was in  made me giggle like silly. (Opps, trying to turn off the fangirl mode and fail). I've seen him in Alphas and I think he's doing great there too. 

The one thing that made it a little predictable was the scene between Mandy and her husband, after some differing of opinions. I wish  the scene was handled a little differently since it sort of dragged there fortunately, pace picked up and before you know it, grandma and grandpa (with no hip problem at all) was finally making the appearance and explain what this orchestrated activity was set out to do. ☺

The story was good. The characters went through their learning curves and dealt the situations they found themselves in. 

All in all, a good dose of real world drama from the kids' world that Jennifer adequately faced and being the youngest didn't mean she'd be a pushover, heart warming mother and daughters time, and finding a good guy to boot. ☺  I give it a ♪♪♪♪ out of 5 musical notes


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