Sunday, September 25, 2011

"The Loner" from Graphic Audio

The Loner

I was browsing Goodreads and came about this ad for Graphic Audio, which tickled my curiosity.  Are all audio books carry these much sound effects?

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Considering it said, "Full Cast Dramatization, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects." I was listening to the sample audio of "The Loner"  and it was so engrossing. ☺ It was like watching "Justified".

The site was easy to navigate with simple drop-down menus found at the top or if you prefer growing through the links (they're on your left) to lead you to the selected section you want to go. Some genres have limited options at the moment and I'm sure they'll be adding more collection choices. The rest that are already in their site are good and already interesting to me. I guess being a DC fan: Green Lantern Sleepers Book 2Crisis of Infinite Earths  etc would get me to check it out. I would like to hear more from the DC collections but they have short sample listening time than the others which can go up to six minutes. :) 

I'm listening to their upcoming releases: Dragon King Trilogy (01): In the Hall of the Dragon King (1 of 2). Another engrossing saga I believe. ☺


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