Monday, November 28, 2011

Musings Monday (2)

Will you be buying books for the holidays, this year? If so, for whom, and why?

Actually, I don't use only the holidays to buy books for friends. We actually give each other two author names and throughout the 12 months, when we  visit our favorite book thrift shop, we'd be on the lookout for each other's authors. If we find a book, we'd SMS each other. If it turns out the book title we don't have yet then, it's a book exchange. Why? We like to complete the collection since it's from our fave authors :D  

What about you? 


  1. What a fun idea. I need to gather my book friends and start this right away.

    Thanks for stopping by Mom in Love with Fiction and reading my MM. :-)

  2. @Tia Bach You're welcome and have fun too. :D


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