Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Budapest Mission winds down in Covert Affairs Tweetcasting...

I missed a whole day and a half of what's happening with the mission Budapest story. Ahhh. No, I don't want to be left behind. :) 

Mark G (one of their field operatives) has tracked down where Lina (another CIA field operative) and Hala have been captured.

The state of his car whilst on surveillance and recon. His partner would really disapprove while Misi (a local undercover cop) is somewhere in the area, hoping to catch some tell-tale conversations from the bad guys.

One of the bad guys guarding the door and in contact with his other cohorts. Mark G. knows Lina and Hala will be hatching up their own escape plan so he and Misi will have to keep alert to make the timing just right.

Mission: Safe

The girls are back safe and sound at the safe house. Play of words there. They're now waiting for final instructions and I'm left to wonder if this concludes the Tweetcast. It was fun. I hope there will be another one somewhere down the road. To go back to where it started, read up my little entry about it here. The link to the Covert Affairs page can be found there too and the mechanics of the tweetcast. 


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