Friday, July 22, 2011

Thus the successful Budapest Mission ends....

A continuation from my posts on Covert Affairs Tweetcast here and here.  I hope they'll have more fun tweetcast adventures in the future. This was the letter Hala left for Lina, expressing her gratitude. It seemed the letter  can't read so I'll 're-type' it here 


The experience I shared with you is one that I shall not soon forget. Your compassion on the face of danger was unexpected, and  I have no doubt that without you and your partner I would have died. For this you have my eternal gratitude.

I may no longer be a member of Fahim's guard but that doesn't mean that I can't still help you. My friend, Nada, is the woman who contacted Mark to aid in our rescue. She might be receptive in continuing  where I left off. Contact me if this is something that would interest you. 

Thank you. 



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