Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homebased part-time transcription...

Freelance Audio Transcription

Looking for some transcription work that's not too loaded and just enough to fill the spare hours of your day to give some change in your daily routine?  Why not check out the site?  After accomplishing the application form, you'll receive and e-mail with the link to where the audio test is available. The instructions will be included in the e-mail and once you've passed with flying colors, you can just wait for Scribie to e-mail of the available files for transcriptions. Payment method is through Paypal and the rate is $1 for every 6 minute of transcribed file however, once you have successive Good rating (which you can see in your Scribie profile) you can start as a reviewer too which can increase your amount. Of course, the more files you work on, will give you additional monetary pay. 

The site explains the process thoroughly but if you still have questions, just leave a comment and I'll answer them.

Lastly, this work doesn't mean to replace your existing job, this is something to do in-between or like I mentioned above, something to change up your daily routine. Good luck1


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