Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Squee Moment: Covert Affairs brings their own Tweetcast version....

Enter Mission: Budapest ☺ How it all works?  Check it here.

Week Five came and it was last Wednesday that made quite a day for me. ☺ Here was the call for mission assistance: 
So we all galvanize into action and my answers were spread out in the Tweetcast ☺

I mentioned contacting Jake Foley, a character portrayed by Christopher Gorham in Jake 2.0 A show that had potential if it was only given a chance. I was giddy there and I know anyone following him, also knew the show. 

Next giddy moment...☺

Nearly prevented me from doing my work
I was grinning and when it was posted. It was great to have a shot in influencing the story and the reply to my suggestion... ☺

By one of their field operatives
And last giddy moment....

It was a good thing I listened to my former office mates before... 

...never thought it would come in handy for the Tweetcast and of course, some heavy weights in the cyber world dished this one. I don't even know one can do that. ☺

So if you're fan of the show, visit the site and join the fun. ☺


  1. Finally, all the Auggie retweets are screencapped! They'll always make you grin every time you see them, I'm sure. LOL. It's cool that the show uses social media/Twitter as a way of interacting with fans and getting them to actively participate. Now you can feel like you're part of the team.

  2. Sounds like fun, although I don't use twitter. I do like that nighttime photo!

  3. I thought it was cool that they took the Tweetcasting to a different level. Yeah, I do feel like I'm part of the team too, Jules. I hope there was a match-airing schedule for this show tho. :D

  4. The nighttime photo was taken by one their field operatives named Lina. She was on her way to the embassy. I thought it was just apt to use one of their photos for this entry. ☺


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