Thursday, October 6, 2011

Westlife "Gravity" Concert Installment 5

Westlife Gravity Tour start post here.
Installment Two

Installment Three
Installment Four

I just love re-reading this :D

Unfortunately, the 2 minutes plus video (I mentioned here)  won't upload and Photobucket doesn't seem to like the large file either. There's Youtube but I don't like to get flamed for bad video coverage. Can't they understand it's not easy to be exited (enjoying the concert) at the same while taking a vid memento?

UPDATE: I managed to upload the second longer file as a single post so we'll see if  I can upload the other 2 min and 56sec file tomorrow with no problems. I'll do some link arrangements if it worked. '☺ 

On with the show...'☺

COSTUME CHANGE!  I guess it's only me because Shane's voice sounded a tinsy bit haunting during SAFE  "How are you gonna love, How are you gonna feel/ How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real/....I apologize towards the end of this vid I lost the capability to hold the cam straight. 

Yikes, at the beginning of the vid, the shot skewed and well, you can hear me scream. Here they are singing to "Home."

Still on "Home."

Westlife in "My Love" with the audience singing along. Oh, the shivers.'☺ Nicky recording the fans back. Aww. '☺

This is connection to the video they made while in South Africa 

Sorry, for the delay. I got swamped with the usual.

Installment Six Coming Next!


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