Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Westlife Gravity Tour Installment 6

Westlife Gravity Tour start post here.
Installment Two

Installment Three
Installment Four
Installment Five

Thanks to dvampyrlestat's friend for acquiring tixs for us

Nicky calls four fans for onstage. He reads a banner,"Nicky, I want twins, lend me your jeans." He reads another. "Shane, you're the King of My Heart!" He spots a Mark fan, "Mark, I named my son, Mark." I forgot Kian tho. Opps. 

I caught partly Kian singing "Mandy"  acapella . I was gutted. My esp wasn't running well that night.  lolz Again, I'll end it here as Blogger starts rejecting the next vid. 


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