Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's your favorite scary book?

Halloween is coming up and I've visited bibliophile friends' sites and check what's on their reading lists or scary-themed lists. 

From those visits, I've tagged books here and there which later found themselves in my own TBR Thursdays lists and during my usual blog readings, I read this "What's my favorite scary book?" For the life of me, I can't recall at least one book but I know I've read ones at least. so with the help of Goodreads list of horror books, I found what I did read before. It's pretty short list since horror is not my genre that I like to check out. 

I guess my all time favorite is: 

Photo Credit from Open Library
I recall first reading this back in grade school, it was part of our assignment about reading one story a week then we were to write a book report every Monday. Lolz. I think it was also keep children sit still too in class. This was the story I got to read at home under a candle so it was memorable. It did wonders for my eyes (hence wearing contact lens now) haha. Anyway, I was kid, engrossed with the story and I remembered going  breathless and made sure my head was still attached to my body. Tsk. It was unnerving since I also ended up keeping  watch at the darkened tableau outside my window. If I had  lived in a place where wolves roam, it would complete the chilly mood. '☺

What's your favorite scary book? 


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