Friday, October 14, 2011

Westlife Gravity Tour 2011 Installment 8


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I finally found the set list

So this is "Only Girl in the World." I thought I was able to get "Time of My Life" but I have no vid of it. It was great! 

Kian powers through Bad Romance" and here ends my vid recount. As you can see from the setlist I wasn't able to record clips for the rest of the songs. The battery called it quits that night. I hope you still enjoyed the vids even if the views were more stand steady. 

The concert may look pretty basic to the occasional bystander but it was tremendously well-received. Let's face it, we're half way across the globe, access to their usual equipment and crew is very limited. I often wonder what it would be like when one is their home turf, (UK and Irish venues). I think  differences abound and it still be different from watching their concert dvds from the comforts of one's living room than actually being there at one of their venues. 

As of 20+ hours ago, Westlife flew the last leg of their return home flight and reached their "beloved Emerald Isle" as Shane tweeted.

Thank you! 


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